Eligibility Criteria

1) Commercial property shall have a minimum super built-up area of 3 lac sqft

2) Must have commenced operation between April 2012 and March 2015

Base Project Details

1. Project Name
2. Address of the Project
3. Geo – Coordinate of the Project
4. Name of the Developer
5. Address of the Developer
6. Contact Person Designation
Contact Number Email

Details of the Architect

1. Name of the Architect
2. Address of the Architect
3. Contact Person Designation
Contact Number Email

Details of the Contractor

1. Name of the Contractor
2. Address of the Contractor
3. Contact Person Designation
Contact Number Email

Detailed Project Information

1. Please mention the mall type: IT Non IT IT SEZ Non IT SEZ
if any Others please specify
2. Date of operational


1. Size of the Project (in lac sqft) Total occupied area (in lac sqft)
2. Office area excluding parking (in lac sqft) Total circulation area (in lac sqft)
3. Average floor plate size    
4. Minimum area standard for leasing/ selling of the property (in lac sqft)
5. Maximum area standard for leasing/ selling of the property (in lac sqft)

Commercial Format

1. Select the various types of outfits offered in your project by you.

Warm shell Cold Shell Fully furnished

2. Please define the Format of the project in the below mentioned format or provide the distribution in separate sheet as annexure.

Sr. No Nature of occupier Square feet Percentage to total area
1. IT
2. Software Development
3. IT/ Back office
6. Tele Communication
Any others please specify in below mentioned space

3. Please specify the brands for following category available in your Commercial Office

Product type Name the companies Percentage of total area occupied by the brands
Internationally recognized companies
Nationally recognized companies
Local entrepreneurs

Operational Model

1. What is the operating model for project?

Only lease Only outright Revenue sharing Mix
In case of mix kindly gives the percentage of the area dedicated in the respective operative model.

2. In case of property is leased by you please provide the following details

Please specify the, how many months rent is collected as security deposit
What is the lock in period? (In months)
Termination Notice period (In months)
Is chargeable rent is inclusive of common area, i.e. Terrace, Lobby, etc…? Yes No
Who bares the property registration charges? Licensee Licensor Both
in case of both please mentioned the share percentage
Who pays the property tax? Licensee Licensor
Does your project allow ‘Right to Sub let? Yes No
Does your project allow ‘Right to Assign’ or ‘Right to transfer’? Yes No
Does the project charge ‘Infrastructure development charges’ separately? Yes No


1. Initial launch* price for outright (including pre-launch) Current outright price
2. Initial launch* price for lease (including pre-lease) (including pre-launch) Current lease price

Location Profile

1. Kindly provide the location plan/ Geo- coordinate for the assessment.

Convenience and Amenities

Air Conditioning
1. Is your building centrally air conditioned?     Yes     No
2. If yes please mentioned the type of Air conditioning system used in          
1. Please specify the types of elevator used in your building
Traction elevator Hydraulic High speed Elevator Other
please specify
Power backup
1. Do you have power backup system installed? Yes No
2. If yes, please specify the power backup system and capacity
Please select the amenities that are available in your project
Amenities Amenities
Atrium Multipurpose Hall
Landscaped Garden Party Area
Cafeteria Gymnasium
Wi Fi enabled office Health clubs
Games\entertainment area Creche and day care center
Banks & ATMs Robotic Car park
Valet car parking    
If any other amenities are provided, If yes please mention
1. Please mention the parking details in the following manner
Sr. No Parking Type Area sqft No of car park
1. Basement parking
2. Stilt parking
3. Covered parking other then stilt and Basement
4. Uncovered parking
5. Visitors car parking
2. Please select the car park ratio 1:1000 1:2000 1:3000 None


1. Is your project maintained by professional consultancy?           Yes     No
I. If Yes, please mentioned the name of maintenance consultancy
II. ii. If No, who carries out the maintenance?
2. Please specify the monthly maintenance charges (Rs sqft)  

Safety and security

1. Handicapped accessibility
  Is your building friendly for physically challenged people?
  Yes     No
  If yes please provide the following details.
2. Security system
  Is there a specific security system installed in your project? Yes     No
If yes, please mention the types of security systems installed for security tightening
Manual controlled access Digital controlled access
Alarm system Closed-Circuit Camera System
Gated Entry Card Readers
If any other please specify in below space
3. Fire fighting system
  Please select the available fire fighting equipments and technology features in your project
Fire extinguisher   Hose real
Wet riser   Down comer
Yard hydrant   Automatic sprinkler system in entire building
Separate fire escape staircase   Smoke detectors
Manual operated electric fire alarm system   Automatic detection and alarm system
Underground static water storage tank   Terrace tank
Pump near underground static water tank  
Please specify if you have other features
i. In case, static underground water tank is provided please specify the capacity
50,000L ltr   75,000L ltr   10,000L ltr   20,000L ltr   >20,000L ltr
ii. In case, terrace water tank is provided please specify the capacity.
5,000L ltr   10,000L ltr   20,000L ltr   >20,000L ltr

Aesthetics Criteria

1. Distinguishing factors
a) Is your project among the top 10 largest projects of the country:
  Yes     No
b) Is your project among the top 10 largest project of in the city:
  Yes     No
2. Define the uniqueness of project based upon the architectural style
Modernism   Neo classical
Regionalism   Post Modernism
3. Material used in external facade
Plaster and paint   Glass
Exposed material   Cladding
ii. Is there any innovation in the used material
  Yes     No
iii. If yes, please specify the kind of material used

Green Building

1. Is your building by LEED or GRIHA?
  Yes     No
2. If yes, kindly name the certifying agency?
3. In case its LEED, please mention the rating achieved?
  Platinum     Gold     Silver     Certified
4. In case of GRIHA, please mention the rating achieved?
  5 star     4 star     3 star     2 star     1star

Please Mail us the, brochure/ descriptive presentation which explains the uniqueness/innovation (motivation) of your mall

Would you like to share references of your consumers with their address and contact information?

If yes please share the below mentioned details

1 Consumer Name 2 Consumer Name 3 Consumer Name
Address Address Address
Contact No Contact No Contact No


  1. We undertake that the above mentioned details are correct
  2. We undertake that the all the legal formalities regarding the title, approvals for the project are in place.There is no legal/approval related issue pertaining to the project
  3. We will allow consumer survey to be conducted in our premises
  4. We declare that the project has commenced operations in between the period of April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2014

I Accept

Authorised Signatory

Name Designation
Place Date


Terms & Conditions

  1. Thorough legal and physical verification would be carried out of the shortlisted projects
  2. Any projects which fail in legal due diligence aspects would not qualify for the award
  3. Liases Foras/ Network18 reserve the right to withdraw and/or alter any of the Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice
  4. Network18 reserves the right to alter the dates and venue at any time without prior notice